Products for the gas analysis technology:

  • Gas preparations
  • Water-Traps
  • Water-Oil-Traps
  • Condensate protection
  • Acid filters
  • Absorbers
  • Process-Analytic-Cooler

In 1991, SUN-Control-Analytik GmbH launched the first product: "The Water-Trap for the protection of Gas Analyzers". The product protects gas analyzers from condensate and dust. With great success, the Water-Trap is used in most emission measuring systems.
This was followed by Water-Oil-Traps in stainless steel for process analysis. A protection of utility patents has been certified for the implemented double membrane system.
Process gas coolers have been complementing the product portfolio since 2017.
A new market was achieved in 2018 with the explosion-proof version of the process gas coolers. A protection of utility patents has been registered.
Since 2019, our products have also been certified for hazardous areas and hydrogen applications (renewable energy).
From May 2022 the SUN-Control-Analytik-GmbH® company is the official supplier of gas analysis technology for Hydrogen-Electrolyzers.