Water-Oil-Trap with fine particle filter

model WT 20.83 E in a stainless steel housing

The WT 20.83 E model has been replaced by the WT 20.83 E XL model.The XL version has a significantly bigger coalescence filter for longer service lives Spare parts for the 20.83 E model can also be purchased


Article numbers:

Item Item number

Spare parts:

Spare diaphragm consisting of: white diaphragm, grey diaphragm and indicator plate MEM2083
Set (5 units)of coalescence filter for condensate-oil separator WT 20.83 (smaller filter element in the figure) KF2083
Supportive sieve STUESI2083
Set of O-rings FKM Viton (standard), green OR2083FKM
Set of O-rings PTFE, white OR2083PTFE
Set of O-rings FFKM, black OR2083FFKM


Note: The standard product is equipped with FKM O-rings.

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