Absorber SUN ABS 20.03

model SUN ABS 20.03

- Removal of aggressive components in flue gas

- Sacrificial materials corrosion damages on gas analyzers

- High deposition rate of 99,99%

- Made in Germany

Functional description:

The absorber is designed for the removal of aggressive components (SO3, HF, HCL) from the measuring gas flow, predominantly of emission measurements. This deals with responsive gases/aerosols, which are absorbed by the filled sacrificial materials. This takes place with high efficiency. The service life of the sacrificial materials depends on the load of the measuring gas. The measuring components (O2, CO, CO2, CnHm, NOx, SO2, NH3) are not influenced by the sacrificial materials based on experience.


Installation of the absorber between the flow meter and the condensate separator in front of the analyser.The absorber SUN ABS 20.03 must be assembled vertically.A horizontal position would guide away the gases to be absorbed, in the most unfavourable case, over the sacrificial materials without any reaction.Two spring steel clips are enclosed for the wall mounting.


Gas flow diagram:

Technical specifications:

Scope of delivery: Absorber container with filling, 2 pices wall mounting clamps
Materials used: PVDF, Duran-Glas, PP, FKM, spring steel (mounting clamps)
Operating pressure: 0 - 500 mbar
Gas flow: 0 - 120 l air/h
Pressure drop at 120 l air/h: approx. 10 mbar
Operating temperature: + 5°C - +90°C
Housing dimensions: Diameter 50 mm, length 300 mm
Housing volume: 150 ml
Gas connections: GAS-IN 6/4 mm hose fitting
GAS-OUT 6/4 mm hose fitting
Assembly: Wall mounting with assembly bracket (included in scope of delivery)
Language operating instructions: German and English (included in the scope of delivery)
  Spanish, Italian, French, Russian upon request


Article numbers:

Article Article number
Absorber complete, with retaining bracket and filling materials ABS2003
Absorber stain less steel, complete, with retaining bracket and filling materials ABS2003E
Crack protection for glas body (transparent) BSABS2003

Spare parts:

1 set refill materials for absorber ABS 20.03 OPFABS2003
1 set refill for absorber ABS 20.03E OPFABS2003E
1 unit of O-ring FKM ORABS2003FKM
1 piece connection cap (red) complete with screw connection and O-ring KAPPABS2003


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