Suction filter with integrated Water-Trap

model WT 20.5 A

- Secure protection of the gas analyser from rain, extra fine dust and insects due to a large membrane surface

- Low costs for reliable safety

- Protection when flushing the housing

Image 1: Suction filter without protection against contact

Functional description:

The suction filter with an integrated Water-Trap is installed in the piping, directly at the sampling location (tunnel, basement garage, shipping container for foodstuffs, greenhouses, etc.). Impurities, rain and insects are retained reliably. Can also be used as protection when flushing the housing.

Technical specifications:

Scope of delivery: Suction filter, connection adapter (option), protection cover (option)
Water pressure membrane: 0 - 2 bar
Operating pressure for gas: 0 - 2 bar
Gas flow: 0 - 400 l air/h
Pressure drop at 100 l air/h: approx. 10 mbar
Pressure drop at 400 l air/h: approx. 40 mbar
Diaphragm pore size: < 0,1μm
Operating temperature: 0°C - +90°C
Effective filter area: 25 cm2
Housing volume: 5 ml
Materials used: PTFE, PP
Dimensions: Diameter 70 mm, length 120 mm
Gas connections: 1/8“ NPT outside thread
Gas explosion proof ATEX: EX II 2G Ex h IIB Gb   0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +90°C attestation EPS 19 ATEX 2 177 U
Assembly: Mounting in the existing piping
Language operating instructions: German and English
Item Item number

protection of utility patents DE 20 2016 100 476

Order numbers:

Suction filter with integrated Water-Trap WT 20.5 A complete. With protection against contact (see Image 2), gas connection 1/8” NPT outside thread WT205AKP
Suction filter with integrated Water-Trap WT 20.5 A spare part. Without protection against contact (see Image 1), gas connection 1/8” NPT outside thread WT205AET
1 unit of connection adapter with 1/8” NPT inside thread connection for screwed hose connection 6/4 mm VE18N64-1


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