model KVE in a stainless steel housing

- For the continuous separation of gas/liquid mixtures

- For collection of liquids (condensate storage vessel)

- Volume can be expanded using modular technology

- Water-Trap-Cartridge (optional) prevents condensate break-through

-Made in Germany  
- Certificates: ATEX 2014/34/EU

Functional description:

The Condensate-Separator model KVE is designed for continuous separation of gases and liquids. The measuring gas with percentage of condensate is lead into the Condensate-Separator via a gas input (GAS-IN). Due to the centrifugal force, the heavier condensate accumulates in the bottom of the vessel. This is drained via the condensate output 1 (CONDENSATE-OUT1).
For large condensate quantities, the condensate output 2 (CONDENSATE 2) can also be used.

The lighter measuring gas, on the other hand, is supplied to the top of the container (GAS-OUT).
A Water-Trap-Cartridge (option) can be installed. With the inside semipermeable membrane, this prevents condensate breakthrough. The membrane separates gases from water, weak acids and dust. The membrane is not suitable for condensates with liquid hydrocarbons, f.e. oils and gasoline in refining process gases.

The Condensate-Separator model KVE can be used as a condensate storage vessel.

Schematic representation:

Technical specifications:

Scope of delivery: Housing, Water-Trap Cartridge (option), wall assembly bracket (option)
Materials used: Stainless steel, type 1.4301, FKM (O-ring)
Operating pressure: 0 - 12 bar
Gas flow: 0 - 10.000 l air/h
Pressure drop at 1.000 l air/h: approx. 12 mbar
Pressure drop at 5.000 l air/h: approx. 30 mbar
Operating temperature: +5°C - +90°C
Housing volume: 750 ml
Housing dimensions: Diameter 80 mm, length 300 mm

Gas connections:

GAS-IN  ¼“ G - inside thread
GAS-OUT  ¼“ G - inside thread
KONDENSAT-OUT 1  ¼“ G - inside thread
KONDENSAT-OUT 2  ¼“ G - inside thread
Assembly: Wall mounting with assembly bracket (option)
Gas explosion proof ATEX: EX II 2G Ex h IIC Gb    +5°C ≤ Ta ≤ +90°C attestation EPS 19 ATEX 2 187 U
Dust explosion proof ATEX: EX II 2D Ex h IIIC Db    +5°C ≤ Ta ≤ +90°C attestation EPS 19 ATEX 2 187 U
Language operating instructions: German and English (included in the scope of delivery)
  Spanish, Italian, French, Russian upon request
Certificates/attestations: 3.1 material quality certificate, NACE-MR0175-98 (on request)
certificate of conformity ATEX 2014/34/EU
Water-Trap Cartridge (option)  
Water pressure membrane: 0 - 1 bar
Effective filter area: 550 cm2
Diaphragm pore size: < 0,1μm
Materials used: PTFE, PP, SUN-C coating
Note: The Water-Trap Cartridge is not suitable for use with aromatic
hydrocarbons, e.g. oils and fuels in refinery process gases

For operation in potentially explosive ambience:

The products can be used in explosive ambience of Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 und 22.
Allowed the explosion classes IIA, IIB und IIC.
The products have no self-heating during intended operation and can be used in dependency of the maximum permissible media temperature for gases of the temperature class T6.

Item Item number

Order numbers:

Condensate-Separator, model KVE, in accordance with technical specifications KVE
Condensate-Separator, model KVEKAWT, in accordance with technical specifications.
With integrated Water-Trap-Cartridge
1 stainless steel bracket for wall mounting MONWIWT2048
Spare parts:  
Water-Trap-Cartridge KAWT2048
1 O-ring FKM OR2048FKM


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