Water-Acid-Trap with extra fine particle filter

model WT 20.48 KOBE made of stainless steel

model WT 20.48 KOBU made of PVDF

- For continuous deposition of high quantities of acid during emission measurements, e.g. heavy fuel, when using large diesel engines for ships and for electricity generation

- For high gas flow rates e.g. in case of engine test benches

- Built-in condensate tank

- Can be used as XL suction filter

- Cartridge Water-Acid-Trap is exchangeable

- Made in Germany

- Certificates: ATEX 2014/34/EU, leakage tested



Intended use/functional description:

The Water-Acid-Trap WT 20.48 KOBE/KOBU is designed for the following applications:

  • Gas-liquid separation after SUN-GT5 series Process-Analytic-Cooler.
    Continuous deposition of high quantities of acids via an in-built bypass, e.g. when using large diesel engines with heavy fuel
  • Engine test benches; a high gas flow rate is possible here
  • Ambient air suction filter; the model 20.48 KOBE/KOBU offers a large filter surface here and thus long service lives

Condensate can be continuously discharged via a condensate outlet with the help of a perestaltc pump or an automatic separator. Manual extraction via a downstream drain valve is also possible.
The Water-Acid-Trap is installed directly in front of the gas analyser in the piping. If the upstream gas processing (cooler, perestaltic pump, dust filter and the like) fails, the Water-Acid-Trap uses its semipermeable SUN-C membrane® to protect the gas analyser. The membrane separates gases from condensate and extra fine dust. If it is fully filled, the gas flow will be interrupted. An alarm is indicated via the upstream variable area flowmeter with monitoring.

The Water-Acid-Trap is also known as a “Police filter”

Suitable for the following applications:

  • Emission measurements with fossil fuels
  • Process measurement
  • Renewable energy (Hydrogen technology)
  • Heat treatments
  • Biogases
  • Cement, glass, steel, paper industries
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Combustion engines

Not suitable for the following applications:

Condensate with aromatic hydrocarbons, e.g. oils and fuels in refinery process gases. The models 20.82 E and the model 20.83 E XL with their oil-block membrane and coalescence filters have been designed for this.

Schematic representation:

Technical specifications:

Scope of delivery: Housing with integrated cartridge, assembly bracket for wall mountig (option)
Water pressure membrane: 0 - 1 bar
Operating pressure for gas: 0 - 100 bar WT 20.48 KOBE / 0 - 1,5 bar WT 20.48 KOBU
Gas flow: 0 - 10,000 l air/h
Pressure drop at 1,000 l air/h: approx. 12 mbar
Pressure drop at 5,000 l air/h: approx. 30 mbar
Diaphragm pore size: <0,1µm
Operating temperature: 0°C - +90°C
Effective filter area: 550 cm2
Housing volume: 200 ml
Materials used  
WT 20.48KOBE: Stainless steel type 1.4571 (SS316 Ti), PTFE, PP, FKM
WT 20.48KOBU: PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), PTFE, PP, FKM
Dimensions: Diameter 80 mm, length 100 mm
Gas connections: GAS-IN 1/4“G-inside thread
GAS-OUT 1/4“G-inside thread
KONDENSAT-OUT 1/4“G-inside thread
Assembly: Wall mounting with assembly bracket (optional)
Gas explosion proof ATEX: EX II 2G Ex h IIC Gb  0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +90°C (WT 20.48KOBE)
Dust explosion proof ATEX: EX II 2D Ex h IIIC Db  0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +90°C (WT 20.48 KOBE)
Gas explosion proof ATEX: EX II 2G Ex h IIB Gb  0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +90°C (WT 20.48 KOBU)
Helium leakage test: 2 x 10-8 mbar I/s
Float switch(option): Voltage max. 24 Volt, max.100 mA (coupling relay required)
Language operating instructions: German and English (included in the scope of delivery)
  Spanish, Italian, French, Russian upon request
Certificates/attestations: certificate of conformity ATEX 2014/34/EU, Helium leakage test attestation

Helium leakage test: (WT 20.48 KOBE)

The product line has been subjected to a helium leak test. Single attestation on request

Item Item number

protection of utility patents DE 20 2016 100 476

Article numbers:

Water-Acid-Trap WT 20.48 KOBE material stainless steel, as per technical specifications WT2048KOBE
Water-Acid-Trap WT 20.48 KOBE XL such as WT 20.48 KOBE, with housing volume (condensate tank) 750 ml WT2048KOBEXL
Water-Acid-Trap WT 20.48 KOBU material PVDF, as per technical specifications WT2048KOBU
1 unit of stainless steel assembly bracket for wall mounting MONWIWT2048
Spare parts:  
Cartridge Water-Acid-Trap KAWT2048
1 unit O-ring FKM, colour green OR2048FKM
1 unit O-ring FFKM, colour black OR2048FFKM


Sample application: Continuous acid deposition in case of large diesel engines

In case of high sulphur content in fossil fuels, e.g. heavy fuel, the products help the acid filter and absorber only under certain circumstances. Acid drops are often found even after the gas processing. They are deposited via the Water-Acid-Trap WT 20.48 and continuously discharged via the bypass.

Sample application:Engine test bench

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